2023 is the starting year of RENSEP’s funding scheme. RENSEP will fund or sponsor the following research projects and activities in 2023:

  • PhD project by Zheng Liu at CAS-E, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, on the curriculum of a Chinese Yijing diviner
  • Monika Hirmer’s Fieldwork Titled “Śrīvidyā Goes West: Continuities and transformations in cross-cultural encounters.” Exploring how the Tantric tradition Śrīvidyā is practiced in a number of contemporary western
  • RENSEP’s Grant to the IONS to conduct a mind-matter experiment on the efficacy of sigils, led by Dr Dean Radin
  • RENSEP ‘Archives of the Impossible’ Grant: In collaboration with Prof. Jeffrey J. Kripal, J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University in Houston, Texas, RENSEP funds short (1 month) research trips to the ‘Archives of the Impossible’, with a particular focus on its remote viewing and physical mediumship materials
  • RENSEP’s ‘Esoteric Art’ Grant: In collaboration with Prof. Judith Noble, Arts University Plymouth, RENSEP funds short (1 month) artistic research trips to explore the boundaries and effects of art-bound esoteric practices
  • RENSEP’s ‘Esoteric Practices’ best tandem paper prize
  • RENSEP’s Fieldwork Grant: This grant (partly) funds the expenses of PhD students and Postdoc fellows for ethnographic research on esoteric practices.