Scientific Commitee

The work of RENSEP is guided by a scientific committee which convenes two times per year. The role of the scientific committee is to discuss and determine a yearly research agenda that allocates RENSEP’s limited research funds to projects, stipends and prizes related to the study of esoteric practices. The scientific committee evaluates the quality of applications, requests external reviewers, if needed, and decides on the allocation of funds. Work in the scientific committee is honorary. Apart from the director who holds a long-term honorary position appointed by the board of trustees, members of the scientific committee are elected for one year, with the option of yearly prolongation for up to five years in total.

The composition of the scientific committee is intended to guarantee wide interdisciplinarity, with experts in the history of religion, anthropology, psychology and art; cross-cultural expertise, with experts in Euro-American, African, Islamic, and Indian esoteric practices; as well as gender symmetry.

The scientific committee is currently constituted as follows.