Setting up a database is one of the pivotal tasks of RENSEP and one of its unique contributions to the study of esoteric practices. RENSEP’s approach to databases is three-pronged: First, RENSEP wishes to facilitate historical research into esoteric practices by setting up an ever-growing ‘historical database’ subsection on its online platform.

This subsection lists all currently available online archives and databases of manuscripts and further sources related to, for instance, the history of Western learned magic, but also many other esoteric practices. Second, RENSEP wishes to create an ever-growing ‘practitioner database’. Members can upload experience reports, ritual scripts, excerpts of magical diaries, answers to surveys, visual media, research material (such as footage from fieldwork or specific practices), or any other material relevant to the study of esoteric practices.

This data can be uploaded anonymously and made available to all network members in the private area of the online platform, protected by rigorous GDPR policies and procedures.

Contributors can choose to retain the copyright of the data they submit. Thirdly, RENSEP intends to fund relevant transcription and digitisation projects of unedited manuscripts that outline esoteric practices, and will support editorial work and the related publications.