Tandem Paper Prize

We at RENSEP believe that the individual perspectives of scholars and practitioners can complement and enrich each other. As RENSEP wishes to break through habitual academic boundaries between the researcher and the researched by creating ‘strategic collaborations’ between scholars and practitioners, we are awarding a prize of 500 euros to the best paper co-authored by both an academic scholar and an esoteric practitioner on a topic related to esoteric practices.

The RENSEP Tandem Paper Prize is an award given to a team of two individuals for their outstanding joint effort to produce a paper that adds a significant contribution to the study of esoteric practices. We value interdisciplinarity and thus invite scholars from all different disciplines (such as but not limited to those from a background of religious studies, anthropology, psychology, history, philology, sociology, cognitive sciences of religion, and area studies), and esoteric practitioners from different religious and cultural backgrounds to apply. Furthermore, given our mission to uphold a global perspective, this award is open to academic scholars and practitioners from around the world. 

Decisions are based on:

  • excellence in original research, 
  • methodological rigour, 
  • innovative thinking,
  • the overall structure and quality of the produced paper,
  • clear communication of the central idea(s).

The paper should be written in the font Times New Roman, font size 12, and contain between 6.000 and 10.000 words excluding bibliography. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2023. All applications will be reviewed by RENSEP’s scientific committee. Please indicate whether the paper has already been published in or submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, or whether it shall be published in the research article section on the RENSEP website. 

Winning the Tandem Paper Prize can be a significant achievement for a researcher and practitioner as it recognizes their expertise and contributions to their field. It can also provide additional recognition and visibility for their work, which can help to further not only their careers but also increase opportunities for future collaboration and funding.


Send your application to submissions@rensep.org.